Where does my scrunchie come from?

All scrunchie materials are locally sourced, designed, and handmade in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 


I would love to carry Top Notch in my store! Do you provide wholesale options? 

First off, thank you for loving Top Notch! If you are hoping to sell Top Notch in your boutique or studio, please send us an email to inquire if there are available opportunities at this particular time.


Top Notch would be the perfect giveaway. Would you be willing to partner?

Yes! Of course! We love these kinds of partnerships. Please drop us a line with your ideas!


Where do we ship?

All scrunchies are shipped through standard letter mail with Canada Post. We currently ship to Canada and the U.S. If you need your scrunchies sooner, send us an email and we will work with you directly to get it to you as quickly as possible at an additional cost.

Please Note: We cannot be responsible for incorrect/incomplete shipping addresses. Orders returned due to address error will be subject to a reshipping fee. 


Do you take custom orders?

These are our favourite! We love to create custom orders for wedding parties, bachelorettes, bridal showers, party gift bags, reunions... You name it! Please send us an email as soon as you think of the idea, and we will work with you directly to meet your needs. Custom orders may require a slightly longer time frame, but are always extra special.


I have super thick hair! Will your scrunchies keep my hair tied up tightly? 

We have tried Top Notch with many different hair types and lengths and find that they hold up no matter the hair type! A typical tie is two loops, however, if you have finer hair, you may be able to wrap your Top Notch scrunchie three times. 


I notice you sell scrunchies with a removable tie, but I don't see this option for the Top Notch I would like?

Our scrunchies are made specially for you! When we receive your order, we will carefully sew your unique choice of scrunchies. Our removable ties are definitely unique, as they can be worn on their own, or tied to your scrunchies to look like a bow. Most of our scrunchies can be sold with a tie if there is leftover fabric, so if you don't see the option, just shoot us a quick note and we'll get back to you.


My Top Notch Brand doesn't have a product label, should it?

We are currently testing our favourite Canadian-made labels. If your Top Notch does not have a label sewn in, you have an OG Top Notch, and that's a pretty big deal! We trust that if you love your Top Notch, you'll share with friends and family. Thank you to our lovely Top Notch family, we love your love!


How can I wash my Top Notch to keep it fresh and clean?

Washing instructions: Hand wash your Top Notch with bleach-free cleaner in cold or lukewarm warm, and lay flat to dry. You will likely need to give it a little love when it has fully dried (wear it, fluff it up a bit!). Just be gentle with it and it should last you a long time!


My new Top Notch product looks a bit different from the product photo on your website and/or Instagram account. Why is that?

Like anything online, our fabric colours and patterns can vary slightly from what appears on your screen compared to what you receive in person. Your computer or phone screen brightness and resolution can appear slightly different than the actual product. At Top Notch, we do our best to share unique fabric fibres, colour descriptions, and display the product as to best market each scrunchie. We're sorry if you were expecting something different!


I ordered a various selection of Top Notch, and some of them feel or appear to be different sizes. Why is this?

We're glad you asked! Each fabric's fibres are woven uniquely and are of different thickness. For example, a velvet Top Notch will feel and appear to be "larger" or "thicker" than a linen Top Notch. This is totally normal and is due to the chosen fabric itself! The measurements of each Top Notch are the same, as is the elastic length.


When can I expect my order?

You can expect your order within 10 business days following drop off at Canada Post. You will receive a confirmation when your order has shipped (this is the "fulfillment e-mail" letting you know it is ready to go out in the mail).


Where can I buy a Top Notch in person?

Check our 'Where to Buy' page to see where you can get one in person!


I have submitted my order.  Can I still cancel it?

No worries! Please email us within a day of your order and we can help you cancel or change your order to suit your needs.


Will you refund my order?

Top Notch is pretty confident that you will be happy with your purchase. But, if you are unhappy with your purchase, please email with the reason and we will send you a new scrunchie. There are no returns or exchanges. Top Notch offers a new scrunchie within 14 days from date of receipt when the order was received.