The TEAL Collection

TOP NOTCH is proud to introduce the TEAL Collection. The TEAL Collection was inspired by her love for neutrals and the natural beauty of the Earth we live on.

Despite being named Teal, her wardrobe is not very colourful. Her motto when it comes to colour “neutrals over everything.” You’ll find a lot of creams, beiges, and browns, but nothing is more evident than whites and blacks. When you build your closet with a foundation of neutral basics, you can create so many unique looks with less total pieces, by keeping the same colour palette, everything matches, meaning you save money and the planet by purchasing less and re-wearing more.

As part of the scrunchie collection, we’re creating limited-edition scrunchies.  The scrunchie fabric quantities are limited and we produce one batch exclusive solids.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection